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How iQemo will help you

iQemo is not just an electronic prescription generator. Whether you are a doctor, pharmacist, nurse or a manager, iQemo provides features that will help with your specific role.


I am a doctor, how will iQemo help me?

  • The intuitive iQemo user interface combined with predefined validated chemotherapy regimen templates will help you spend less time writing chemotherapy prescriptions and promotes safety & governance.
  • iQemo saves you time and helps reduces the risk of error by automatically calculating drug doses using oncology-specific dose calculations.
  • iQemo provides intelligent protocol rule-based decision support, drug-to-drug interactions and allergy checking to help assist safe prescribing.
  • iQemo integrates with other key hospital systems allowing you to securely access the most up to date critical clinical information for a patient in one place from anywhere on any device including your mobile phone.
  • iQemo alerts enable you to be notified and allow you to quickly assess any critical information about a patient and adjust their prescription from anywhere.
  • iQemo prescription reminders ensure that your prescriptions are always prescribed on time.

“I am just amazed how easy this system is to use as compared to other e-prescribing systems I use”
Dr Andreas Makris
Consultant Clinical Oncologist

“I find iQemo the best out of the 4 e-prescribing systems I use.”
Dr Nicola Anyamene
Consultant Clinical Oncologist working at BMI’s Bishops Wood Hospital & Mt Vernon

“I have been using iQemo for approximately 12 months. The system is extremely easy to use and is intuitive.  Addition or subtraction of medications and changing of cycles is simple. The support from iQemo has been exceptional from building new regimens to adapting those to make prescriptions more simple.”
Dr Karen McAdam
Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s hospital


I am a pharmacist, how will iQemo help me?

  • You will no longer have to chase prescriptions from doctors, iQemo will automatically send reminders to doctors about up and coming prescriptions.
  • When you are screening a prescription iQemo provides all of the critical clinical information in one easy to use intuitive screen.
  • iQemo provides advanced protocol building capabilities to enable complex chemotherapy treatments to be setup including multi-arm clinical trials.


  • iQemo provides a detailed history of all changes to a prescription, including documented reasons why changes have been made, this means you don't need to repeatedly contact the prescribers.
  • iQemo can streamline the chemotherapy drug ordering process by integrating into 3rd party aseptic manufacturers ordering systems.
  • iQemo supports multiple pharmacies allowing workflows to be configured so that only relevant parts of the prescription get dispensed at relevant pharmacy e.g. the chemotherapy shows at the aseptic pharmacy, the take home medication prescription shows at the dispensary.


“Clear legible and legal prescriptions means that fewer interventions are made by pharmacy as we have fewer errors and ultimately this saves us time. Pharmacy approved templates linked to protocols provides a seamless flow of information that is clinically accurate. Most appropriate antiemetics and TTOs for each regimen ensure patients receive best level of care and reduced errors.”

Paviter Singh
Oncology Pharmacist at Healthcare at Home


I am a nurse, how will iQemo help me?

  • iQemo will automatically schedule chemotherapy treatment plans based on the specified treatment protocol. iQemo allows deferrals to be made to the treatment plan that can automatically cascade through all future cycles of treatment. The chemotherapy diary allows users to adjust appointment times via a simple "drag & drop" diary interface.
  • iQemo allows you to record chemotherapy administration using a tablet device at the patients side.
  • iQemo reduces the risk of error by providing a clear, easy to read electronic drug administration chart with all of the drugs displayed in the correct order based on the treatment protocol.


  • iQemo aids nurses with chemotherapy administration by providing all the required clinical information, including details of the protocol all in one easy to use screen.
  • iQemo allows nurses to electronically record toxicity screening, this data feeds back into the patient record and can be used to drive rule-based clinical decision support.
  • iQemo provides an intuitive note recording system that allows nurses to record the patients pre-chemotherapy assessment, administration and adverse events.


“iQemo has given me more time in my working day. I no longer have to chase consultants trying to obtain signed prescriptions. I have instant knowledge of when a prescription is prescribed”

Sharon Richardson
Healthcare at Home

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