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Learn how iQemo can help you improve patient safety

The aim of an electronic chemotherapy prescribing system is to help improve safety for patients being treated with chemotherapy.

iQemo is more than an electronic chemotherapy prescribing system. Many of the common safety benefits of electronic chemotherapy prescribing systems are well known. The iQemo system provides many additional features that will help your organisation further improve the safety of its patients receiving chemotherapy. Some of these benefits are highlighted below.


No more fragmented chemotherapy patient records

Are your patient’s chemotherapy records fragmented across paper and multiple electronic systems? iQemo will capture all your patient’s chemotherapy records in one system. Doctors, pharmacists and nurses can quickly access relevant information, exactly when its needed, empowering them to make more accurate and informed decisions

Easily see when your patient’s chemotherapy was last administered

How can you safely prescribe the next cycle of chemotherapy when you can’t easily see the details of your patients last chemotherapy administration?

iQemo solves this with its intuitive electronic chemotherapy drug chart. Using a tablet device nurses can now record the administration of each drug when it is administered. This ensures that drug administration record is accurate and easily accessible to all clinicians. Doctors can now see when the chemotherapy was administered. Whether the full dose was administered as planned, or whether there was a partial dose administered due to a drug reaction. This enables the doctor to make informed, accurate decisions when prescribing the next treatment cycle.

Avoid the risk of overdose from scheduling errors

iQemo links your patient’s chemotherapy appointments directly to their prescription and its corresponding protocol. When a patient’s treatment is deferred their prescription and chemotherapy administration appointments are automatically deferred too. This eliminates the risk of the patient accidently receiving an additional dose of chemotherapy because their appointment was not automatically re-scheduled.

Ensure that all your patients receive their chemotherapy at the correct time

iQemo automatically allocates your patients treatment schedule based on the chosen chemotherapy protocol. Linking the frequency of your patient’s treatment appointments to a pre-defined chemotherapy protocol, ensures that your patients receive their treatment at the appropriate point in time adhering to the best practice guidance of the chosen treatment protocol.

Reduce prescribing errors in a shared care setting

Sometimes its necessary for your patients to receive their treatment across multiple hospitals or organisations. This increases the risk of medication errors if clinicians are unable to see the complete patient record when part of a patient’s treatment took place in another organisation.

Imagine how much safer it would be if you could see the full details of your patient’s chemotherapy treatment that took place in another organisation. iQemo makes this possible. iQemo enables your patient’s complete chemotherapy treatment record to be shared across multiple hospitals, even across multiple organisations, within the same system, using the same login.

Provide clear communication between clinicians

Poor communication is one of the most common causes of medication errors. Critical messages related your patient’s treatment that are fragmented across multiple communication mediums may easily get missed. Missing an important message could lead to all kinds of potential errors for a chemotherapy patient.

iQemo provides a single communication platform that ensures that all communications are captured within the patients record and visible to all clinicians across multiple communication mediums such as email or SMS.

iQemo allows you to raise a task for completion by another user and tracks whether that task has been completed. Imagine you review some pathology test results and you want your consultant to double check them. You can now raise a task in iQemo to ask your consultant to check the results. Upon receipt your consultant can check the pathology results and action, accordingly, even using their mobile phone. You will be notified when the task is complete.

Eliminate the risk of supportive medication reducing the effectiveness of chemotherapy

When you are prescribing chemotherapy how would you know if a supportive drug you are about to prescribe is going to reduce the effectiveness of the chemotherapy you are prescribing for your patient?

iQemo provides intelligent drug-to-drug interaction checking that is powered by First Data Bank, this gives you the confidence that you are working with the most up to date drug information. iQemo will inform you of important known interactions between drugs as you add them to a prescription.

One of the challenges is alert fatigue. iQemo has been designed to intelligently filter the interactions so that you are only alerted to those that matter. For example, some interactions are by design e.g. 5FU and calcium folinate and as an oncology professional you would not want to be alerted to these.

Avoid unnecessary hospital patient visits for chemotherapy treatment

One of the challenges with chemotherapy treatment is the toxic side effects caused by chemotherapy drugs. How often do you have a patient arrive in hospital for treatment, only to have their treatment deferred due to severe toxicity?

Imagine that your patients could inform you in advance about their side effects they are suffering. iQemo can capture these side effects directly from the patient via a phone app. The care team can be alerted before the patient visits the hospital. This means that your patients could avoid unnecessary visits to hospital, and you can pro-actively provide early advise to the patient or prescribe additional medication for the patient sooner.

If you would like to learn more about how iQemo could help your hospital, please contact one of our team today.