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Healthcare at Home
Healthcare at Home Ltd is the UK’s largest home healthcare provider

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Customer Profile

Healthcare at Home Ltd is the UK’s largest home healthcare provider. Healthcare at Home work with 150 NHS trusts to provide IV and Oral oncology services to patients in the community. Healthcare at Home has a central pharmacy compounding unit that dispenses and delivers over 1 million prescription items to over 110,000 patients each year.


The Challenge

Healthcare at Home have a large network of Oncologists and Haematologists spread all over the UK. The doctors working with Healthcare at Home prescribed their chemotherapy in advance then faxed or posted their paper prescriptions to the central pharmacy compounding unit. This process was time consuming, increased the workload for the pharmacists who had to chase up the doctors for prescriptions and it was very difficult to standardise the prescribing across the organisation. Healthcare at Home needed a cost effective web based solution that would be capable of meeting the following requirements:

• To deliver a networked electronic chemotherapy prescribing solution that is accessible to over 150 doctors from all over the UK.
• To simplify the way that chemotherapy prescriptions are received at the central pharmacy compounding unit.
• To standardise the chemotherapy protocols across the organisation.
• To provide a quick and convenient way for doctors to prescribe chemotherapy.
• To provide a managed on-demand chemotherapy e-prescribing solution with a first class technical support service.

The Solution

iQHealthTech started working with Healthcare at Home in 2013. We first demonstrated iQemo whilst in its early stages of development and it was immediately obvious to the management team that iQemo could meet the complex requirements needed for an electronic chemotherapy prescribing system suitable for a large home healthcare provider. Healthcare at Home started a trial of iQemo. The trial period involved several doctors, pharmacists and nurses, and provided valuable feedback enabling iQHealthTech to further enhance the functionality of iQemo. By September 2013 the benefits of iQemo were clear and Healthcare at Home agreed to roll out iQemo across their entire UK network of Oncologists and Haematologists. Within a couple of months 50 doctors had started using iQemo. A roll out at this pace is only possible because of the way iQemo uses the latest web and mobile technologies.

Impact of iQemo

iQemo has revolutionised the way prescriptions are received at the pharmacy compounding unit. Previously, nurses and pharmacists frequently had to chase up the doctors, who had to fax their prescriptions to the pharmacy compounding unit. With iQemo the doctor is automatically reminded that a patients’ chemotherapy is due in advance. The doctor can prescribe the chemotherapy and the prescription is available immediately at the pharmacy compounding unit.

“Since I’ve started using iQemo I’m suddenly able to see and work more clearly. I can update prescriptions from anywhere on the planet on a computer or tablet.”

Dr Rubin Soomal
Consultant Oncologist at the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

“Clear legible and legal prescriptions means that fewer interventions are made by pharmacy as we have fewer errors and ultimately this saves us time. Pharmacy approved templates linked to protocols provides a seamless flow of information that is clinically accurate. Most appropriate antiemetics and TTOs for each regimen ensure patients receive best level of care and reduced errors.”

Paviter Singh
Oncology Pharmacist at Healthcare at Home





 Improved patient safety.  Improved patient safety.  Improved patient safety.
 Improves prescribing accuracy through clear legible prescriptions.  Stops lost prescriptions; a prescription is available immediately after it has been prescribed.  Provides a secure electronic record of a patient’s chemotherapy treatment history.
Protocol-led prescribing with automatic calculation of doses based on parameters such as creatinine clearance and body surface area. Pharmacists no longer need to chase doctors for prescriptions. Support for national reporting requirements such as SACT Dataset reporting.
Decision support based on drug allergies, pathology test results, toxicities, maximum cumulative lifetime doses. Standardisation of chemotherapy protocols across an organisation. Can be used as an audit tool to analyse various aspects of chemotherapy prescribing such as drug usage, patient throughput and survival.
No need to write out lengthy prescriptions, saving time. New regimens can be easily added when new treatments become available.  

“iQemo has given me more time in my working day. I no longer have to chase consultants trying to obtain signed prescriptions. I have instant knowledge of when a prescription is prescribed and the ability to see prescriptions and add/ change items before it is prescribed. You are always extremely prompt at responding to any queries and you should be very proud of your fantastic product!!!”

Sharon Richardson
Consultant Relationship Manager at Healthcare at Home

“iQemo has meant that we receive prescriptions on time and they are clearly presented. Within HaH this has saved pharmacy and nursing time chasing Consultants and trying to obtain prescriptions, plus it means that all prescriptions received have gone through a protocol verification process.”

Nigel Williams
Head of Private Patients’ Services at Healthcare at Home

Doctors working with Healthcare at Home all over the UK can securely prescribe using iQemo from anywhere with an internet connection. Doctors no longer need to prescribe using their work computer; they can prescribe at times that are most convenient for them. Many doctors even prescribe using their mobile phones and tablets. 


Chemotherapy regimens have been standardised across Healthcare at Home, doctors can only prescribe verified and agreed regimens. All prescriptions are now easily readable which has reduced the risk of errors, wasted time and helped improve clinical safety. 

“iQemo has made prescribing easier and quicker allowing consultants to prescribe wherever they are. It means that I can get a consultant to prescribe quickly; it also means I can see when prescriptions are done and when they need doing with a quick glance. The support team is always helpful, friendly, accessible and have made my life a lot easier.”

Louise Archer
Consultant Relationship Manager at Healthcare at Home

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