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Chemotherapy e-Prescribing Module

iQemo, from iQ HealthTech, is a complete managed chemotherapy patient management and prescribing platform. iQemo provides a safe, simple and efficient electronic prescribing solution for any healthcare organisation providing cancer treatment.

iQemo works across a range of devices

What is iQemo?

iQemo is a specialist chemotherapy e-Prescribing module providing a complete end-to-end chemotherapy prescribing solution including predefined regimens, prescribing, scheduling, dispensing, through to chemotherapy administration and reporting.

iQemo is being used by nearly half of the consultant oncologists in the UK in a number of hospitals and organisations from national private healthcare providers through to some of the most recognised NHS hospitals in this field.

iQemo simplifies the prescribing of complex treatments through its intuitive user interface, meaning our users can spend more time with their patients and less time writing prescriptions.

Our cloud based solution means that iQemo can be securely accessed from anywhere, providing the most up to date clinical information on any kind of device with a web browser.

What we offer

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iQemo helps improve patient safety through a multitude of built-in features from automatic dose calculations, allergy & sensitivity alerting, decision support linked to pathology & toxicity, drug-to-drug interaction support, bar-coded wristband & drug scanning and more.


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iQemo streamlines the chemotherapy prescribing process making it more efficient through its simple, intuitive user interface and workflows; allowing doctors, pharmacists and nurses to spend more of their valuable time caring for and treating patients.


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iQemo can be accessed securely from anywhere, anytime on any PC or mobile device with a web browser and an internet connection. Our secure cloud platform provides a complete managed Software as a Service solution without the need to install, host or maintain any software.


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Part of providing a great product is also ensuring that it is backed up by expert technical and product support. At iQ HealthTech we have the expertise and knowledge to be able to clearly understand clinical issues as well as technical issues to help us to help you quickly and efficiently.


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With iQemo you can benefit from analysing data on your chemotherapy prescribing activities. This allows you to audit all levels of clinical process which can help streamline the running of your cancer service. iQemo is fully compliant with all national reporting requirements including SACT.

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iQemo isn't just a standalone system, we can improve your workflow by integrating with other clinical systems. iQemo provides its own HL7 integration engine allowing us to integrate with any PAS and pathology lab system to ensure that critical clinical information is available when and where you need it.


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