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iQemo live across the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance

iQemo live across the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance

Monday, November 18, 2019

iQ HealthTech would like to announce the successful go-live of iQemo across the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance (LSCCA). The go-live involved 4 NHS Trusts, 12 hospitals, 800 users, 633 validated regimens and 8 systems integrations. This was delivered on time and on budget within a 7-month time period. The system now manages around 4000 patients per month, scheduling approximately 9,000 SACT treatment appointments per month across the Cancer Alliance.

iQemo is an open platform providing end to end SACT prescribing, pharmacy, drug administration and scheduling. The system is the first of its kind that networks multiple hospitals and NHS Trusts across a wide geographic area, with one central SACT regimen library that is delivered as a cloud hosted, internet facing solution. The iQemo platform changes the landscape for electronic SACT prescribing, for the first time NHS doctors can now adjust prescriptions in immediate response to critical alerts, from wherever they happen to be, using a mobile device.

To build on the success of iQemo, iQ HealthTech will be working with LSCCA over the next 12 months on several projects to further improve patient outcomes using the latest technology.

Judie Simmons-Jeffs the LSCCA project manager and oncology systems manager said:

“Following the go-live of the iQemo project for LSCCA I would like to express my immense appreciation for the support, commitment and willingness of the iQemo team to go over and above in order to ensure the successful delivery of this project. Overall, this project has been a great success, delivered safely, efficiently and professionally whilst remaining within the agreed timescales and budget. I look forward to having a long and successful relationship with IQ HealthTech.”