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iQemo goes live at Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales UK

iQemo goes live at Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales UK

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The iQ HealthTech team are proud to announce iQemo has successfully gone live at The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales in Newport. The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales provides a comprehensive range of cancer treatments including the UK’s first active high energy proton beam therapy system.

The project involves the ongoing creation of a comprehensive centralised chemotherapy treatment regimen library to be used across all Rutherford Cancer Centre sites. In addition to this, the use of the new and improved iQemo diary and scheduling functionality will be used to manage patients’ chemotherapy treatment and supportive appointments.

Doctors can now securely prescribe chemotherapy remotely through iQemo’s intuitive web interface. Pharmacists no longer have to deal with paper prescriptions, eliminating late, illegible and missing prescriptions, thus enabling a safer and more efficient workflow. In addition to this, nurses can now electronically schedule treatment and administer drugs in real-time.

Ros Nolan, IT Business Manager at Proton Partners International, which runs the Rutherford Cancer Centres, said: “The iQ HealthTech solution is centrally driven, enabling resilience and seamless working across the whole network, while supporting any localisation if required. This ensures that our centres have a robust and secure network which allows us to move patients between sites at no disruption to them or their treatment.”

The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales is the first of four sites under the Proton Partners International banner that will be implementing iQemo as its cloud-based chemotherapy e-prescribing system. This goes hand in hand with Proton Partners International CEO Mike Moran’s commitment to “working with the world’s leading technology partners to ensure that our centres are equipped with the latest cancer technology.”

“We are excited to continue our work with Proton Partners International implementing iQemo at their additional sites” – Russel Dabner, Project Manager