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About iQ HealthTech

iQ HealthTech was setup by two software developers and a consultant oncologist, with a common goal, to improve the way IT systems are used for healthcare.

Our founders spent many years developing software in both the healthcare and financial services sectors. What became very apparent is that the systems in use in the financial services sector appear to be far more advanced than those in the healthcare sector. In the last 20 years since the internet boom, IT has seen vast transformations. However it is clear that modern, easy to use, feature rich applications are not yet in widespread use within the healthcare sector. Many clinicians still find themselves using cumbersome systems, built on old & outdated technology, that are time consuming and expensive to maintain. Having worked within the NHS in the last 20 years our founders have seen and used many clinical systems and several areas are clearly overdue for improvement. These are the areas that represent our core company values and the reasons why we setup iQ HealthTech.



One of the main objectives of a clinical system is to use technology to improve patient care and safety. All iQ HealthTech systems are developed with this aspect in mind. Our medical director Dr Tamas Hickish has been a consultant in medical oncology in the NHS for over 20 years and more recently a clinical director. We have been able to learn from his experience and expertise to help us understand the types of errors and issues that can arise during the prescribing and administration of complex drugs, this has enabled us to develop functionality within our systems to mitigate or indeed eradicate many potential errors.



Clinical systems should be easy to use. Systems that are difficult to use waste clinicians' time and increase the risk of error. iQ HealthTech places a high emphasis on usability and this develops from the feedback we receive from our users. For example our iQemo chemotherapy prescribing product has been built based on feedback from hundreds of clinical users, including doctors, pharmacists and nurses. We spend time with our users watching and learning how they use and react to the system, this enables us to continually refine and improve the usability of our systems to ensure that they really are easy and intuitive to use.


New technology

Technology and the innovative ways in which it can be used is constantly evolving. Many healthcare IT systems are still built on legacy platforms that cannot easily adapt to this change. This new era of the internet and mobile apps means that users expect to be able to have the information they need, when they need it at the swipe of a finger. Our systems are carefully designed to enable us to keep up with these trends. iQ HealthTech invest in evaluating new technologies to try and determine which of these will be suitable for healthcare and how they can best be used to improve our products for our users. Our core platform has a multi-layered architecture that allows us to adapt our systems more quickly to take advantage of a new technology, without the need to re-build the whole system. All of the complex logic has been built into a separate web-service layer to ensure that information can easily be made accessible on a multitude of different devices and technology platforms.



Many IT systems don’t integrate with each other. Some system providers build their entire business strategies around not integrating their systems with others. iQ HealthTech believe that this closed system approach is detrimental to the healthcare industry. We have designed iQemo to be more than just a prescribing system, it’s a platform enabling other clinical systems, apps and devices to feed it data. This provides more accurate and valuable information to clinicians right where they need it, whether they are prescribing or administering chemotherapy. Through systems integration we have helped our customers streamline their workflow and ensure that they are working efficiently by reducing the amount of duplicate information that needs to be entered into systems and automating processes such as ordering drugs.


Value for money

Technology and computing power is becoming cheaper, and IT systems in the healthcare sector still remain extremely expensive, one has to ask why, especially considering many of these systems are built upon out of date technology. Through an innovative Software as a Service business model that harnesses new cloud and web technologies, iQ HealthTech deliver significant value to our customers whilst at the same time reducing their costs. How is this possible? 


iQ HealthTech deliver significant value to our customers whilst at the same time reducing their costs


  • Our customers don't need to buy or maintain dedicated server hosting environments.

  • Our customers don't need to buy expensive server software licenses

  • Our customers don't need to pay for a hospital wide installation.

  • Our customers don't need to pay for additional software upgrades

  • Our customers don't need to worry about software compatibility issues.

  • Our customers don't have to carry out software updates themselves.

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